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Refa Agrochem Pvt Ltd commenced its activities in the field of fertilizers products with the objective of being the most trustworthy supplier in the region. We provide our own brand to the domestic market and also import globally for clients who require it. Our specialization in Water Soluble fertilizers is extremely relevant in today’s environmental conditions. With an increasing number of farmers switching to drip irrigation system due to low rainfall, water soluble fertilizers are the only way to go. Our fertilizer is packed in superior quality and durable bags that come in 1kg and 25 kg bags.

For customers who wish to import the product, Refa Agrochem Pvt Ltd deals with some of the top producers in the global market and our relationship with them spans to over a decade, thus ensuring that customers receive only superior quality product.

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Water Soluble Fertilizers

  • Water Soluble NPK’s
  • Sulphate of Potash water soluble
  • TMAP 12-61-0
  • MKP
  • Calcium Nitrate
  • Potassium Nitrate
  • Magnesium Sulphate
  • Zink sulphate
  • Copper sulphate
  • Micro nutrients
  • Chelates/Formulations /Liquid

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Why you choose us?

In today’s fertilizer market, it is critical to have a reliable source of fairly priced, good quality products. We strive to be practical innovators, making the most of everything at hand. Whether people’s talents, our clients’ time, or the planet’s resources. This means staying alert to ever-better ways of doing things. Leading in thought, and action.

Refa AgroChem is not just committed to provide high quality fertilizers but has a strong commitment in caring for the environment and for the health and safety of its employees too.  The quality control team is highly qualified and well trained professionals who carefully committed to the standard operating procedures in place.

With well trained staff our Clients always feel Comfortable and Secure. Doing business with Refa AgroChem, We Guarantee you will never feel any WORRY with us.

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with our teams years of experience in fertilizers trading, manufacturing and operations, we are professionals in every aspect from selecting best logistic companies to deliver the exact product to every destination. Cooperation in delivery of our products in a quality, safety and competitive price is a foundation stone for Refa AgroChem.
All cargoes supplied by Refa AgroChem is been inspected at the load port by internationally recognized independent surveyors for quality and quantity.
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